Cult Of The Dog

Join The Cult

pHat Dog Chardonnay was crafted for the truly devoted
we have taken our most iconic Chardonnay and started a cult.

How Do You Join?

Buy 12 Bottles of pHat Dog Chardonnay to become a part of the Cult.

Numbers are extremely limited.

What Cult Members Get

*20% discount on wine purchases;
*Free Freight for your club pack, and additional purchases of 6 bottles or more;
*Priority access to purchase Hart & Hunter wines prior to release to the general public;
*Access to exclusive offers from the Hart & Hunter museum stock;
*An invitation to the Hart & Hunter annual wine dinner;
*An invite to an exclusive cult gathering;
*Be the first to repledge your devotion every year;

$666.00 on October 6th each year and a $666.00 sign-up fee

Out of stock

First payment: 06/10/2020